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Edua Sykes

Creative Director|Organiser|Curator

Edua is a Web3 professional, who has organised and curated cryptoart exhibitions in cities such as London, Manchester, New York and Miami. She has become a key voice in the promotion of digital fashion, being a guest speaker at conferences such as Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week, Web3 London, NFT Bristol, and NFT Berlin

Originally from Mexico, but adopted by both Liverpool and Manchester, she grew up actively immersed in the performing arts, and worked as a news presenter at Televisa Noreste. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Liverpool John Moores University.

She has released multiple projects, from photo-poetry storytelling, to songwriting, and is responsible for organising Digital Natives, the biggest NFT event in Manchester for an NFT marketplace, in October 2021.

She is determined to bring thought-provoking exhibitions all over the world that provide an insight on the future of art NFTs, as well as some of the issues that the industry is facing, and how key players are trying to fix them.

Edua is currently the Director at CrypticVentures, a newly founded social entrepreneurship company, which has as its  core mission to have a positive impact on society, by utilising Web3 technologies in their different projects. She continues her work as a Digital Fashion Consultant, while building her meta fashion house, and is currently writing Crypticality, a memoir about her first two years in the Web3 industry, which will come out later this year.

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